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During the Young National Cherry Festival this year, St John’s church held for the first time,  a Festival of the Christmas Tree,  on 1st – 4th December. It ran over four days with the decorated trees placed in our church and people invited to visit.  Young community businesses and organisations had been encouraged to place a tree representing their business or acknowledging “The blessings of Christmas”. (It could be a tree of any manner, real, green, steel, cardboard etc). We had a good response from the locals who presented a delightful display over those days.

Community businesses and groups answered the invitation with twenty six trees coming in for display. There was a steel tree from Mad Harry’s Steel Yard, a Hilltops Library tree and a Care Bear tree from the Embroiderer’s group. The Family History, the Local Community Hub and gorgeous tin entries from the Two Tinny Chics were a talking point. The Hospital Auxiliary had a lovely lantern one and Diana Body brought one from the Friends of the St Saviour’s Cathedral with a beautiful hand knitted nativity scene. The young people from Lambing Flat Enterprises brought two trees with great excitement! A real favourite tree from Eloura in Cootamundra was made from green painted egg cartons with photos of the children.

We had lots of visitors who were in Young for the Cherry Festival who came and declared that the outstanding variety of trees where people had really let their imagination flow was brilliant.

We were overjoyed with the response for our first attempt and look forward to going ahead with another Festival in 2017.

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