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How Gungahlin is reaching their community

How Gungahlin is reaching their community

Tue 30 May 2017

Let me tell you how the Gungahlin Anglican Church reaches out to people in the community.

Recently, during the annual Gungahlin Festival, many of the church members volunteered to meet and greet the people who came to the Festival. They helped set up stalls, then met with and greeted the people as they arrived, passing on information about the church’s activities and inviting them to join us in these activities. On a personal level some of the volunteers invited them to the church services, assuring them of a warm welcome at the 9.30am and 7pm services at the Grace Chapel (at Burgmann School), and at 10am at Heyward Hall (Forde campus) and to join with others at morning tea and a chat after the services.

Directed at the community of stay-at-home parents is the Tadpoles play group. One young mother who had just left her daughter at school noticed a mother having problems with a much younger child who was crying. The little girl wanted to go with her sister. She had no one to play with at home. The other young mother invited the mother and daughter to the Tadpoles play group, which meets on Wednesday morning during term time, to provide a source of support that includes prayer and a short Bible study.

For older children there are two youth groups – J-Walk and Exalt for year 6-9 and year 10-12 respectively, regularly attracting a number of non-church attendees. When some of the youth group members are asked by their friends at school what they did over the weekend they tell them about the youth groups and invite them along to play games and share a bible study.

For any of Gungahlin’s New Australians with an interest in improving their English and making friends, our church runs an English conversation class on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Church members are encouraged to invite their New Australian friends and neighbours to these classes, offering to take them to the classes and introducing them to others.

There are so many more ways that the Gungahlin Anglican Church reaches out to people in our community. All these activities are designed to fulfil our vision to grow joyful followers of Jesus and to equip them for service through God’s Word empowered by his Holy Spirit.

By Pat Douglass, a regular attendee at the 9.30am service. Pat is 86 years old and hosts KFC picnics in her home where newcomers to the Parish and others are made welcome.

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