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Archdeacon Karen Kime

The Venerable Karen Kime is Archdeacon for Indigenous Ministries in the Diocese of Canberra & Goulburn and General Manager for Indigenous Services and Education for Anglicare NSW South, NSW West & ACT. 

List of articles:

Reconciliation in Action: Supporting Indigenous Australians

Sat 23 May 2015

In Wagga Wagga an amazing program has been operating for several years, called `Aunty Jeans’. It is a program that supports the heritage, health and wellbeing of older Aboriginal people.


Remote Communities and the Right to Decide

Fri 13 March 2015

The Western Australian government has proposed to close 150 remote Indigenous communities because they are considered to be 'uneconomic.' KAREN KIME explains the significance of Country and why identity is not a 'lifestyle' choice.


You and your parish: Strategies for Cultural Awareness

Thu 20 February 2014

Raising Cultural Awareness within parishes can be tricky - after all, where does one begin?? The following strategies aim to facilitate a more informed congregation about the local Indigenous community and their heritage.


Stopping violence against women

Fri 3 May 2013

Domestic violence is increasing in Australia with Indigenous women and girls especially at risk. KAREN KIME argues leadership is required by our churches.


Domestic violence = poverty: Update from CSW57

Fri 15 March 2013

Domestic violence was high on the agenda at the UN's CSW57 in New York with research on the links to poverty, reports our rep KAREN KIME


Violence against women: update from CSW57

Fri 8 March 2013

KAREN KIME is curently attending the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW57) in New York. The CSW is a part of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.


Anglicare leaps forward on national Reconciliation

Sat 23 February 2013

A landmark meeting took place in Adelaide on February 15, with agreement that Reconciliation should be implemented across the national Anglicare network. At the present time, only a small percentage of its members have committed to such work, explains KAREN KIME


Embracing 20 years of National Reconcilation

Mon 21 January 2013

The movement towards National Reconciliation began with prayer 20 years ago. Today Reconciliation must be embraced by the whole of the Body, argues KAREN KIME so all congregations are equipped to be inclusive of the Aboriginal people that surround them.


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  • Marriage Education Presenters - St John’s Care

    St John’s Care provides a course called 'Making Love Last' for couples preparing for marriage. The course is a mixture of discussion groups and practical exercises for attendees. A Power point presentation leads the program. There is a maximum of ten couples per course.

    The presenters have a set outline to follow but are able to contribute to the course from their ‘lived experience’ of marriage.

    For the Presenters we are looking for:
    · A couple who have a stable and happy marriage
    · Christian
    · Aware of the principals of Adult Education
    · And are able to interact naturally with the couples

    SJC normally presents five courses a year but this is dependent on demand.
    Couple come from most of the Anglican churches in the Canberra Region.
    The course is held on a Saturday from 9:30am till about 5:00pm. Lunch is provided and this is a time that allows the presenters and couples time to interact and mix socially.
    The presenter couple are paid an Honorarium of $300.00 per course.

    Contact: Sue Jordan, Director, St John's Care
    Ph: 6248 7771
    Mb: 0424 529 492

    Posted 21 July 2015

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