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Bishop Stuart Robinson

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A 60 second reflection Christmas 2016

Wed 28 December 2016

This time 30 years ago I jumped into a swimming pool fully clothed to rescue my son.
He was sinking fast.
An immediate, unhesitating response was called for.
Had I not so acted, we would have lost him, I reckon.
Christmas is when we celebrate God’s diving headlong into time and space, so to speak.


Compelled by love

Thu 18 September 2014

In his Synod sermon, BISHOP STUART reflects on the witness, commitment and calling of Canon Andrew White, the vicar of Bagdad. Are we compelled by God's love for all?


MH 17 – Memorial Service

Fri 8 August 2014

Memorial services were held across the nation yesterday for those traumatised by the shooting down of MH17 and the death of its 298 passengers and crew. BISHOP STUART ROBINSON preached the following sermon at St. Saviour’s Anglican Cathedral in Goulburn.


Bishop Stuart's Christmas Message 2013

Mon 16 December 2013

The spiritual core of Christmas is that genuine authority does not rest in power, pomp or parliaments but in God who chose to come to us as an infant.


150th Celebration Synod Service Homily

Fri 6 September 2013

Sermon at the 150th Celebration Synod Service on September 6, 2013 at St Saviour's Cathedral, Goulburn.


Diocesan call to prayer on Syria, Fed elections

Thu 29 August 2013

BISHOP STUART ROBINSON is calling on all Anglicans to pray for the situation in Syria, for the Federal election as well as the upcoming Diocesan Synod.


Ministering to the frail aged beyond divestment

Thu 27 June 2013

BISHOP STUART ROBINSON's latest pastoral letter explains the Church's ongoing commitment to the frail aged beyond Anglicare's partial divestment


We need true Leadership: 2013 Easter Message

Wed 27 March 2013

Leadership is a hot topic this Easter. Not just because of recent developments on Capital Hill, but because we have new spiritual leaders in the Vatican and in Lambeth where the head of the Anglican Communion resides.


City and Church: a shared future

Thu 14 March 2013

STUART ROBINSON's sermon on the 150th birthday of the Anglican Diocese and the city of Goulburn followed by the subsequent speech at the civic ceremony


Prayer in time of bushfire

Thu 10 January 2013

The recent and ongoing fires are a poignant reminder of our frailty and vulnerability and that 2013 marks ten years since Canberra and surrounding districts across NSW were devastated by firestorms.


A generous Christmas

Mon 17 December 2012

Generosity is at the very heart of Christmas. It is how most Australians will celebrate the day: families sharing gifts and hospitality with one another.


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