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Godly Wisdom is now the best entry point for Evangelism

Tue 14 March 2017

Godly Wisdom is now the best entry point for Evangelism

In the past, under the moniker of ‘Modernism’, a strong access point for Evangelism was ‘Truth’. Establishing ‘Truth’ was an important Modernist project, which spread into every area of life, including how people thought about the world. It is well known that we now live in some kind of ‘After-Modernism’ culture and the suggestion now is that Godly Wisdom may be a much better entry point for sharing the transformative news about Jesus.

The system worked a little like this: once the ‘Truth about Jesus’ had been empirically established, disciples of the Lord Jesus could move others towards ‘believing’. Having accepted ‘Truth’ through believing, these new disciples would sort out how to ‘Do’ life with this truth about Jesus at the centre. In diagram form it looked like this:

start here: TRUTH u BELIEVE u DO

At the recent Requip Training Day, Dr. Sam Chan, from City Bible Forum, expressed the opinion that this old system can still work, as long as it is done in reverse. Dr. Chan explained that we are better off, when sharing Jesus, if we begin with Godly Wisdom. We start with demonstrating that life with Jesus is ‘Do-able’. With discipleship to Jesus comes Godly Wisdom about how to live well in God’s world. Our wise choices and actions bear witness to Jesus’ transforming power.

Springing from the ‘Do-able’ entry point, we can invite others to see how ‘Believable’ Jesus is. It is only after establishing ‘Do’ and ‘Believe’ that we are in a position to express the singularity of ‘Truth’ that we find in Jesus. SO the diagram now looks like this:

TRUTH t BELIEVE t DO :start here

Dr. Chan is not speaking theoretically when he says this; in early June he will be returning to Canberra to speak at a series of events designed to do exactly what he talks about. Under the title “Alt-Jesus? The Jesus You Never Knew”, Dr. Chan will speak at one Youth event, two breakfasts and a Wednesday evening event to our friends and family who have seen something of the wisdom we have about life.

Leon Hribar, from City Bible Forum Canberra believes this is an unmissable opportunity for the Christians and Churches of Canberra. “Dr. Chan is gifted at connecting with the important issues of non-believers and helping them see the unique wisdom of Christ”, said Mr Hribar. The focus of City Bible Forum is reaching the world through the workplace. But for this visit Dr. Chan has also been made available to speak to a wider audience.

There is a real need for wisdom about how to live well in the complexity of life, and followers of Jesus are urged, by the Apostle James, to ask for wisdom (James 1.5). It is important that as disciples we are conscious of seeking Godly wisdom and are open to the moments when it points to the believability of the Lord Jesus. Our personal witness to a life lived well should help us to direct others to finding this same wisdom, which is from above (James 3.12-18).

For more information about the Alt-Jesus? Mission, or the work of City Bible Forum in Canberra, contact Leon Hribar on

Jonathan Holt

By Jonathan Holt

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