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Comfort from God in infertility and pregnancy loss

Wed 16 March 2016

Comfort from God in infertility and pregnancy loss

Sometimes it can seem like everyone is having babies. Everyone, that is, except you. If that’s you, you might be thinking to yourself, this isn’t how I imagined my life turning out. I thought I would be married by now. I thought we would fall pregnant by now. I thought I wouldn’t have to be making these kinds of decisions. I thought the treatment might have worked by now. Why is this happening? If God wants people to have kids, why can’t we?

Or perhaps this isn’t something you yourself are facing, but you know people who are. You might find yourself asking, what do I say to my friend who has just been to the Doctor, and the test results aren’t good? You may not know people in this situation; you might assume most people just decide to have a baby and then in due time you’ll click ‘like’ on the birth announcement on Facebook.

The reality is, infertility and pregnancy loss are faced by people all around us. One in six couples in Australia experience infertility. Is it estimated that around one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage. Many single people also face health circumstances where infertility would be likely for them, and can feel isolated as they potentially make complex medical decisions without a spouse alongside them.

Many of us are left feeling ill-equipped to have a decent conversation with someone facing infertility, support them over the long term or as they consider which, if any, medical assistance they might try. Even if we don’t realise it, we will all know people who have struggled or will struggle to have children or carry a baby to live birth. Many people around us endure the loss of a baby and yet it is often not talked about.

These are confronting and emotionally charged issues, and can leave us feeling swamped with questions. How can we help those who face the grief of infertility or pregnancy loss? How can we face experiencing infertility ourselves? How can we wisely navigate the world of IVF and other medical intervention? Does Jesus’ life and resurrection have anything to do with all this? When life hasn’t turned out like we thought it would, is there any comfort to be found from God?

Canberra Christian Conventions are putting on a day to help us think together about these things.


If you have faced infertility or pregnancy loss, please do come to this day. Come if you are someone who needs to think about how to care for others, for example, a Minister, Bible study leader, involved in pastoral care, or just someone who wants to grow in your ability to care for others. Please note we’re taking care to present these issues with sensitivity to those grieving. We’ll take every precaution to ensure that no one will be asked to discuss or disclose their experiences with others if they don’t want to.

Most of all, we’ll be looking to God for guidance, wisdom, comfort and love, and seeking to grow in loving others.

Register for the day here:

By Anna Boxwell

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