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Domestic violence in the name of God

Domestic violence in the name of God

Bishop Matt Brain responds to recent news stories of domestic violence in the church

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Compassion for the lost

Compassion for the lost

Bishop Trevor writes, in response to the recent Census data, on the compassion of Jesus for the lost.

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Youth Ministry in the West

Youth Ministry in the West

Catch up on what Synergy has been doing in the West of the Diocese.

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Signs of Hope for World Environment Day

Signs of Hope for World Environment Day

Russell Rollason of the Public Issues Commission writes a piece for World Environment Day.

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Be bold for change to renew our world

Be bold for change to renew our world

If your life was at stake, if the life of your children and grand children was at stake, if life on Earth as we know it was at stake, would you be bold for the changes needed to give you and them a good chance of survival? Public Issues Commission member Gillian King challenges us to respond to God’s call to renew our world and help raise a powerful voice for change.

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The Preaching Seminars -


The Preaching Seminars Announces Topics for This Year

A brand new initiative, The Preaching Seminars, will kick off this year with three seminars selected. Those who gave early indication that they were planning to attend were invited to vote on five options, with the top three being presented.

This year The Preaching Seminars will see the topics of Public Theology, the Gospel and the Prayer Book and TED talks covered by three of our own local, regular preachers. ‘Many of us regular preachers have things we have learned and can share with others’, said Jonathan Holt, one of the presenters for the day. ‘Preaching is a craft that takes time to learn. One way we learn is by watching and listening to those who are at work on the craft week by week.’

The Preaching Seminars is sponsored by the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC), and anyone is welcome to attend, whether you preach regularly or occasionally. Setting aside a Saturday in July to think about your preaching is a good thing to do. The local branch of EFAC is looking to make this a regular event for preachers, by preachers. For more information visit the website (


Dirrum Festival -

Dirrum Festival 2017, and event hosted and sponsored by Radford College, will be held this year on 5th August. More details can be found on the poster and event flyer.




On Responding to the Royal Commission - Public Lecture -


Holy Land Workshop -

Want to find out more about the situation in Palestine and Israel? And how the Anglican Church is assisting the people there?

Come along to a one-hour Workshop-

Behind the News: Palestinian Christians and Theology

The work of Anglican Overseas Aid* will also be highlighted


Hosted by St Paul’s Anglican Church Manuka

Friday 25th August 6-7pm, followed by refreshments

Presentation by Helen Rainger- from Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network-

With input from other group leaders

* There will be an opportunity to donation to Anglican Overseas Aid

For more information contact: Claudia Hyles  62953578     Helen Rainger  48215725              Les Böhm  0407031736.

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